06.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Pluit Field Visit of Janel Heird, Science Officer of US Mission to UNESCO Office Jakarta held at 56 Vocational High (SMK N 56 Jakarta), 4 December 2013

To have a better understanding of flood-prone areas in Indonesia and as a follow up activity of the Worldmap UNESCO Point Of Interest (POI) project in Indonesia “Establishing a Community based POI's in the High Risk Communities to Flooding in Jakarta – Indonesia”, Ms Janel Heird, Science Officer of US Mission to UNESCO Office Jakarta conducted a field visiton Wednesday, 4 December 2013 to Pluit, North Jakarta, Indonesia. The POI project was initiated by UNESCO Office Jakarta in collaboration with 56 Vocational High School (SMK N 56), the provincial government of Jakarta and grassrootorganizations from Pluit in order to build a community owned knowledge through participatory 'points-of-interest (POI)' mapping using OpenStreetMap (OSM), a free and openly accessible mapping tool

Mr. Anas Rosich, principal of SMK N 56 Jakarta, in his opening speech stated his delightthat SMK N 56 was selected as a pilot project of  POI project activities in Pluit. He expressed the willingness of SMK N 56 to be involved in similar activities in the future. Ms Nina Marlena of UNESCO Office Jakarta provided afterwards a brief explanation and description of Point of Interest (PoI),  the World Map UNESCO PoI,  its background, purpose,  the outcome of this POI project, including the involvement of key stakeholders.

This was followed by a demonstration from the Pluit community and high school students on how to input data through OSM, edit data using Java OpenStreetMap (JOSM) andupload data into OSM website. An introduction on photovoicing as well as crowdmapping method was also presented. Upon completion of these presentations, we went for a field visit to several (POI) of flooding in Pluit village while the visitor received explanation from the local community regarding their experience during flood and also the flood history in Pluit Village.

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