04.07.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Signing Ceremony to Officially Mark the Financial Contribution of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Conservation Work at the Borobudur Temple

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On 3 July 2013, The Federal Republic of Germany and UNESCO signed an agreement in order to officially mark the continued supports to the conservation work at the Borobudur Temple. The agreement was signed by Mrs. Heidrun Temple, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Germany to Indonesia, and Dr. Hubert Gijzen, Director of UNESCO Office in Jakarta in the presence of H.E Mrs. Wiendu Nuryanti, Vice Minister for Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mr. Marsis Sutopo, Head of Borobudur Conservation Office, and Mr. Purnomo Siswoprasetijo, President Director of PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko.

The Federal Republic of Germany has announced that it will contribute Euro 134,072 through UNESCO to continue stone and structural conservation and research activities at the Borobudur temple, with the overall project goal of supporting the Government of Indonesia in ensuring the long-term conservation of the Borobudur Temple Compounds World Heritage property for generations to come. This is the third time the Federal Republic of Germany has supported the ‘Save Borobudur World Heritage Site’ project. In 2011, the Federal Republic of Germany’s first contribution was used to support the preliminary diagnostic research on the state of stone conservation at the Borobudur Temple, which then followed by the second contribution made in March 2012 to further the comprehensive analysis by inviting a total of six international experts in stone conservation, microbiology, chemical engineering and structural engineering.

The signing ceremony, which took place at the Borobudur Archaeological Park, was started with a tour of the Temple to show the delegation the conservation work undertaken by the international experts in close collaboration with Borobudur Conservation Office. Following the tour, Dr. Hubert Gijzen of UNESCO expressed his sincere appreciation to the Indonesian government for its continued efforts in safeguarding the World Heritage listed Borobudur Temple Compounds. Dr. Gijzen also thanked the Federal Republic of Germany for the generous contribution and acknowledged the dedicated work undertaken by the international experts on stone conservation and hydro engineering who were also attending the signing event, Prof. Hans Leisen, Dr. Esther von Plehwe-Leisen, Dr. Bernd Niedringhaus, and Dr. Mike Boege. Furthermore, Prof. Gijzen outlined that this partnership between the Indonesian government, the Federal Republic of Germany and UNESCO is of vital importance to ensure the long-term conservation of Borobudur for generations to come.

To find the complete version of Prof. Hubert Gijzen’s speech at the signing event, please follow this link

H. E. Mrs. Wiendu Nuryanti thanked the Federal Republic of Germany for its continued supports to the Indonesian Government efforts in safeguarding the Temple and welcomed the continued close cooperation between Indonesia, Germany and UNESCO. Mrs. Heidrun Temple commented that the German government is very pleased to support efforts to conserve the Borobudur Temple Compounds and expressed her wish to further strengthen the cooperation between this two countries with UNESCO.

To find out more about the signing ceremony event, please follow this link (press information).

With this current financial contribution of Euro 134,072, a scientific mission on stone conservation and water drainage system is currently being undertaken by the four international experts, from 1 – 9 July 2013. Prof. Hans Leisen and Dr. Esther von Plehwe-Leisen are conducting a further photographic documentation and in-depth diagnosis on the stone reliefs, while Dr. Bernd Niedringhaus and Dr. Mike Boege are inspecting the structural water drainage system of the Temple.

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