04.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Strategic Meeting of Asia-Pacific IHP HELP and Ecohydrology

From 2 to 3 December 2013, UNESCO Office, Jakarta organized a two-day workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia on the topic "Strategic Meeting of Asia-Pacific IHP HELP and Ecohydrology".

The meeting brought together experts with acknowledged experiences in different aspects of water resources management at international level and in the Asia and the Pacific region. During these two days, participants from Australia, Indonesia, Korea (Republic of), Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines and Malaysia presented their case studies on the role of HELP and Ecohydrology in delivering IHP VIII at the regional level.  They prioritized actions for the strengthening of Integrated Water Resources Management in Asia and the Pacific region in the framework of IHP-VIII Strategic plan.

The discussions during the two days focused on water resources management in areas such as water and religion, ecohydrology techniques for the water management in urban and peri-urban areas, HELP and Ecohydrology approaches in the water management of rivers and lakes among others.

The second day, Ms. Janel Heird, from the U.S. permanent delegation to UNESCO in Paris, on an official visit to UNESCO Office in Jakarta attended the morning activities during which Professor Hubert Gijzen, the Director of UNESCO office, Jakarta, made a presentation about "Water Challenges and Solutions to realize the Future We Want for All" in the framework of the post 2015 agenda. During this same meeting, Prof. Soontak Lee, Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Council of the IHP made a presentation on the forthcoming 7th World Water Forum to be held in 2015 in Daegu - Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea from 12-17 April, 2015.

One of the key findings of this workshop has been the decision of establishing HELP and Ecohydrology programmes for Asia-Pacific namely: AP-HELP and AP-Ecohydrology.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Shahbaz Khan, Deputy Director and Senior Science Program Specialist, UNESCO Office, Jakarta. Email: s.khan@unesco.org 

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