28.05.2019 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Initiates Another Partnership with UNESCO to hold the 3rd World Culture Forum 2019

JAKARTA, 21 MAY 2019 | On Tuesday, 21 May 2019, UNESCO Office Jakarta received a visit from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic Indonesia, led by Professor Ananta Kusuma Seta, the Senior Advisor to the Minister on Innovation and Competitiveness, to discuss about another partnership between the Government of Indonesia and UNESCO Office Jakarta to organize the 3rd World Culture Forum (WCF) in Indonesia.

WCF is an initiative proposed by the former Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, back in 2005 as a flagship, international-scale event that focuses on culture and its integration in the development agenda. The idea is to have an event with similar prestige as the "World Environment Forum" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the "World Economic Forum" di Davos, Swiss but with a spotlight in culture. To this date, two World Culture Forum events have been organized by the Government of Indonesia, the first one being held in 2013 and the second one in 2016, which produced output documents of the "Bali Promise" and the "Bali Declaration" respectively. While the Bali Promise served as an international call for measurable and effective role and integration of culture in development at all levels with a view to harnessing diversity, promoting peace, and contributing to development, the Bali Declaration attempted to reaffirm the important role of culture in ensuring inclusive and sustainable development.  

The third World Culture Forum will be centered around the theme of "Culture to Realize the Future We Want" and is scheduled to take place by the end of this year. To continue the previous key outcomes, the third WCF will focus on developing an Action Plan at the grassroots level, containing targeted outputs. Therefore, unlike the previous WCF events which focused on upstream level issues (notably targeting policy-makers), the 2019 version plans to focus more on finding practical solutions and sharing best practices from other countries. Thus, the approach of the 2019 event will be more on people-to-people, particularly for the cultural practitioners and youth at the grass-root level.

In the months leading to the event day, UNESCO Office Jakarta will be working closely with the Ministry in defining the format of the event as well as other technical details. At UNESCO, we believe that culture is both a driver and an enabler of sustainable development. Sensitizing the public as well as encouraging global and local partnerships through an event such as the World Culture Forum is part of the building blocks to achieve culturally-sensitive development programmes.

For more information on the WCF partnership, please contact Gunawan Zakki (g.zakki(at)unesco.org) and Moe Chiba (m.chiba@unesco.org).

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