03.07.2017 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO Jakarta Meets with Philippines UNESCO NATCOM Secretary-General Lila Ramos Shahani

UNESCO Jakarta and Philippines National Commission for UNESCO held a meeting on 20 June 2017 at Department of Foreign Affairs Building, Pasay City, Philippines.

The meeting was lead by Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Director and Representative, UNESCO Jakarta Office and Assistant Secretary Lila Ramos Shahani, Secretary-General, Philippines National Commission for UNESCO. Also in attendance are Mr. Marmon A. Pagunsan, International Consultant (Education), UNESCO Jakarta Office and Mr. Rex Ubac, Jr., Program Officer for Education together with Mr. Gay Alfred Blanco, Program Officer for Science and Technology both from Philippines National Commission for UNESCO.  

UNESCO Jakarta conveyed its congratulatory greetings to Assistant Secretary Lila Ramos Shahani for her appointment as new Secretary-General of Philippines UNESCO NATCOM. 

UNESCO Jakarta also expressed its sincere appreciation to Philippines UNESCO NATCOM for its continued cooperation and support in various initiatives especially in the implementation of the regular programmes and extra-budgetary projects in the country. Regular programmes and extra-budgetary projects that recently concluded includes psychosocial support teachers manual development and capacity building, sustainability science demonstration sites and community-based management and sustainable tourism at heritage sites. 


 In response, Assistant Secretary Lila Ramos Shahani expressed her kind appreciation on behalf of the Philippines UNESCO NATCOM for continued support and cooperation of UNESCO Jakarta in its various fields of expertise for the greater benefit of the Filipino people.

The Philippines UNESCO NATCOM shared that it is planning to organize a forum on inclusive and rights-based education on 4-6 October 2017 in Manila. It extended an invitation to UNESCO Jakarta Director and Representative to deliver a keynote address in the said forum. It also made a request for two (2) professional education experts from UNESCO Jakarta to serve as session moderators for the said forum.  

Both institutions discussed to explore the possibility of developing a joint proposal for international commitment fund in the form of funds-in-trust. Also discussed were possible joint initiatives on education in emergencies, sustainability, girls education, gender issues, biodiversity, cultural heritage, science education and scientist capacity building to name a few.  

UNESCO Jakarta Office presented to Philippines UNESCO NATCOM copies of sustainability science publications that includes sustainability science demonstrations sites in the Philippines and teachers manual on psychosocial support. The said UNESCO publications received financial support from Japan Funds-in-Trust, Malaysia Funds-in-Trust and Japan Official Development Assistance.

The meeting concluded with high note of assurances from both institutions to further deepen the cooperation, partnership and mutual support for the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.

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