21.11.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO Joined the Debate on “Moral and Innovative Leadership: a Platform for Sustainable Peace and Development” in a conference in Manila

The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) organized the Global Peace Leadership Conference 20-22 November 2013 in Manila. Global Peace Leadership Conference is a forum that addresses specific regional concerns and build consensus for political and community-based responses to poverty and conflict. This year the event focused on "Moral and Innovative Leadership: A platform for Sustainable Peace and Development."

Mr. Hubert Gijzen, the director of UNESCO Office, Jakarta delivered the opening remarks in the plenary session. He mentioned that UNESCO and Global Peace Foundation consider Education a key element to build sustainable peace. Education is the foundation of any lasting peace. It is the driving force behind freedom and tolerance. It stems the tide of ignorance and mutual misunderstanding, the means by which disagreements all too often degenerate into violence. Education fosters the culture of dialogue that is necessary to resolve conflicts.

Mr. Gijzen said that the conference played a significant role to create a robust, interactive dialogue among academics, experts, media, government, NGOs, private sector and the public. We hope that this event will inspire all of us to promote such universal themes as friendship, world harmony and peace in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world.

After the opening session, Mr. Gijzen regrettably needed to leave immediately to join the United Nations team to help step up the joint emergency response with the Government and many national and international partners.

Download the opening remarks here.

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