03.10.2013 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO joins the National Workshop “World Heritage Nomination” from 30 September to 4 October, 2013, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The national workshop entitled “World Heritage Nomination” was organized by the Borobudur Conservation office of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture from 30 September to 4 October, 2013, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The workshop included some 35 national officials including representatives from the Ministry of Education and Culture and site managers in most of the provinces in Indonesia where there are tentatively listed sites for the future World Heritage. Mr. Masanori Nagaoka, Head of Culture Unit of UNESCO Office Jakarta, was invited to this workshop as a facilitator.

The four and a half day workshop aimed to bring site managers of cultural heritage sites in Indonesia to discuss the cultural values of the heritage concerning tentatively listed sites in Indonesia as a preliminary step for World Heritage nomination. The workshop programme was designed to help equip participants with detailed knowledge and skills to prepare nomination dossiers for listing heritage sites on the World Heritage Lists as well as to develop management plans for heritage sites.

The workshop commenced with a presentation by Prof. Dr. Kacung Marijan, the Director-General of Culture of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and Dr. Gatot Ghautama, the Secretary-General of Culture of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Dr. Junus Satrio Atmodjo, Advisor to the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, delivered a presentation on the basic overview of the World Heritage Convention and principles of the nomination process including procedures and timelines. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Daud Aris Tanudirjo, professor at the University of Gadjah Mada, who explained the preparatory processes for States Parties such as the identification of sites and potential Outstanding Universal Values (OUV), financial and human resources, and the involvement of key stakeholders.  

During the workshop Mr. Nagaoka explained the processes of assessing the Authenticity and Integrity of heritage sites, as well as the outlining the importance of comparative analysis of sites when preparing the World Heritage nominations.  He also addressed the topic of assessing management requirements as well as boundaries and buffer-zone. These sessions also included valuable contributions from the workshop participants who presented on the challenges and obstacles they have faced in the nomination process in their own sites in Indonesia.

During the workshop, Nagaoka strongly suggested to the participants that they firstly consider to prepare the statement of ‘Outstanding Universal Value’ (OUV) which will help all level of stakeholders to identify the concept of OUV within the proposed site while also learning more of about the Tentative List format and World Heritage mechanism.

A further focus of the workshop was on management planning for World Heritage sites as well as those being nominated for the Tentative World Heritage Lists. Nagaoka presented on integrity, authenticity, and protection/management for an integrated approach as the basis for managing properties. He went on speaking on challenges in management systems and plans as well as frequent issues and difficulties States Parties faced. Following these presentations the workshop participants were involved in a group exercise reviewing their own mechanisms and systems. Each group presented on issues affecting sites and identified gaps in their management systems and areas for further improvement.

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