14.03.2014 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO Joins the Opening Ceremony of the ‘Fiesta Fatahillah’ Jakarta Art Space and Visitor Center in Kota Tua (Old City) Jakarta, 13 March 2014

Representatives from UNESCO joined the opening ceremony of the ‘Fiesta Fatahillah’ and the Jakarta Art Space and Visitor Center in Kota Tua (Old City) of Jakarta. The event was organized by the Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corporation (JOTRC) and the Jakarta Endowment for Art and Heritage and was officially opened by Governor of Jakarta Mr. Joko Widodo. The event marked the official starting of the revitalization project of the Jakarta Old City that is being supported by a number of stakeholders including UNESCO.

Head of Trustees of the JOTRC, Mr S.D. Darmono, outlined in his speech that the lack of cooperation scheme between public and private sectors has led to an ineffective effort to revitalize Kota Tua. In response to this, he underlined that the Consortium will collaborate to revitalize the area with its complex and multi-dimensional problems through a structuralized and forward-looking plan, involving the Local Jakarta Government, State-owned Enterprises, and Private Sector. He expected that this public-private partnership will be a model for further cooperation to involve wider stakeholders.

Jakarta Governor, Mr Joko Widodo, was present to officially open the project. He underlined it is now the right time to revitalize, reconstruct and conserve the Kota Tua as an immediate action. Referring to examples in China and Russia, he outlined the huge potential that Kota Tua, Jakarta has to attract high number of visitors following the revitalization. Public-Private Partnership through the consortium will become the anchor of the revitalization project of the whole 284 hectare area.

Overall, the revitalization plan will cover the area from Glodok straight to the Sunda Kelapa port which will be divided into 8 different activities including trade, creative industries, food and fashion, as well as maritime activities. This plan will be implemented in close collaboration between three main elements, namely the investors, conservation experts, and building owners.

Within the framework of the Indonesia Funds-in-Trust (I-FIT), UNESCO will support the Jakarta Government through the First Phase Project for the Revitalization of Kota Tua through Sustainable Heritage Conservation. The project will focus ongoing technical conservation support to stakeholders in the Kota Tua area especially through the UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Approach (HUL) approach. This approach seeks to increase the sustainability of planning and design interventions by taking into account the existing built environment, intangible heritage, and cultural diversity, socio-economic and environmental factors along with local community values.

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