28.07.2016 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO, L’Oreal Indonesia and Girls Students Celebrates the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem

UNESCO as the knowledge agency of the United Nations has always been on the frontline of promoting new and harmonious relations between humanity and nature, where the preservation of mangrove ecosystems carries special importance.

In the celebration of International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem on 26 July 2016, UNESCO Jakarta together with L’Oreal Indonesia invited notable women scientists, Dr. Indri Badria Adilina, Dr. Eni Sugiarti & Dr. Ai Suguira to speak before girls’ students from an all-girls secondary school in Jakarta, Indonesia. The women scientist shared their learning experiences, scientific career journey and their current scientific research activities and its potential contribution in conserving mangrove ecosystem. 

Mrs. Ade Aisyah, Head of Yayasan Amal Pendidikan and Sosial Islam Indonesia, in here introductory remarks stress that religion also teaches us to have concern and responsibility in protecting the environment. She also highlighted that Indonesian people should be grateful that Indonesia has one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. She reminded that students also share the responsibility to protect the environment.

Mr. Usman Mpd, Principal of the school, in his remarks supported UNESCO Jakarta initiative and reminded the students that one of the important things in the initiative is on how to implement the values and ideas learned in student’s daily life.

The Director of UNESCO Office Jakarta, Dr. Shahbaz Khan said that the celebration of the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem by UNESCO highlights the prime importance of mangroves. He cited the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding the planting of trees which will bring extraordinary benefits to all beings on Earth. Mr. Khan also thanked the women scientists for their participation in the “conSERVation conVERSation: Mangrove Ecosystem and expressed his ardent hope that girls students will be inspired to pursue scientific studies and career. 

Dr. Indri Badria Adilina, shared her current research project on environmentally friendly plastics. She also reminded students to use wisely the tissue paper which are made from trees. Unwise use of tissue paper means sacrificing the trees in our forest including mangroves for our tissue paper.

Dr. Eni Sugiarti, shared the essential things of being a scientist with students which includes being curios especially on in their day-to-day life. She shared her current research project that would be useful in the flight industry. She also shared the link of her expertise which is material science in the conservation of mangrove ecosystem.    

In the last talk, Dr. Ai Suguira presented an interesting science demonstration with students. Two girl students were asked to perform the demonstration in front of their schoolmates. The science demonstration was successfully performed and it conveyed that science is fun. Dr. Suguira also shared her current research endeavour and projects on water sciences and how it can contribute to the conservation of mangrove ecosystem.  

After the talk of three notable women scientists, the students were highly engaged on beautiful conversation. The students asked the scientists varied questions from science and mangrove related questions to their experiences studying and living abroad. The students expressed their keen interest and hope of more inter-disciplinary activities in the future.

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