23.05.2014 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO Participates in the Stakeholders Meeting for the Revitalization Plan of Kota Tua Jakarta, 21 May 2014

Within the framework of the government of Jakarta’s plan to revitalize the Kota Tua area, a stakeholder meeting was held at Museum Bank Mandiri on 21 May 2014. The meeting was attended by around 50 stakeholders from the Kota Tua area including representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MoTCE), the Jakarta government, local government, the JOTRC (Jakarta Old Town Revitalisation Corporation), NGOs, building owners, local community members and UNESCO. The aim of the meeting was to share information about current projects being undertaken in Kota Tua and to synergize efforts to revitalize the area. Presentations were given by four source persons from the Destination Management Organization of MoTCE, Jakarta government JOTRC, and UNESCO, with each presenting on their current projects, as well as an interactive question and answer session with the meeting participants.

The meeting was opened by an opening speech by the Director of Tourism Destination Design and Investment of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mr. Lokot A. Enda. Mr. Lokot outlined the challenges in revitalizing the Kota Tua area whilst also emphasizing the importance of communication and understanding between stakeholders is the key for a successful revitalization of the area. In this regard the Ministry is promoting Destination Management Organization as a way of managing sustainable tourism with high community involvement. 

The presentation of JOTRC outlined their activities in revitalizing the Kota Area and the mandate they received from the Governor of Jakarta to undertake this work. The JOTRC is currently working with several stakeholders to complete the revitalization of Kota Tua Jakarta with the ultimate aim of empowering all stakeholders to create Kota Tua as a livable heritage space for all people. The representative from JOTRC also outlined some of their achievements including the conservation of the Post Office building in Kota Tua and establishment of the Jakarta Art Space and Visitor Center. The Jakarta Government, represented by the Tourism and Culture Unit, also presented their activities in Kota Tua. Through the Management Unit of Kota Tua, the Jakarta Government has been active in involving local community in various activities to attract tourists to the area. They acknowledged different issues and challenges including safety, sanitation, traffic management that has to be improved and these can only be achieved through community involvement. Lastly, the representative from UNESCO gave details regarding the ‘First Phase Project for the Revitalization of Kota Tua, Jakarta through sustainable Tourism and Heritage Conservation’ which is being undertaken within the framework of the UNESCO-Indonesia- Funds in Trust (IFIT). The overall aim of the project is to support the Jakarta government’s revitalization plan through technical support in conservation as well as in supporting the necessary training to allow for a future World Heritage nomination by the authorities. In addition, UNESCO also shared their work plan for the 2014-2015 period which will include conservation of selected pilot site with capacity training for young heritage professionals, the developing of an easy to use conservation manual for stakeholders in Kota Tua, and workshop on the preparation of World Heritage nominations in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

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