Consultants for UNESCO

Consultants for UNESCO to conduct Final External Evaluation of Malaysia Funds-in-Trust (MFIT) Projects

UNESCO is looking for a team of consultants to conduct a Final External Evaluation of the Malaysian Fund-In-Trust (MFIT) Projects.

The Government of Malaysia has provided financial contribution through MFIT, to support the implementation of projects jointly selected under the Malaysia-UNESCO Cooperation Programme (MUCP). Through this Fund, cooperation between Malaysia and UNESCO is strengthened, in particular to the mobilization of Malaysian expertise and services of Malaysian institutions, including the existing Category 2 Centres and South-South Cooperation for the benefit of the countries of the Asia and the Pacific region as well as for Africa, with particular emphasis on Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The evaluation will be conducted mainly from November 2018- May 2019

The evaluation period will consist of an approximate number of 100 person days of consultant time spread over six months

ToRs of the evaluation are available on-line.

Qualification of external evaluation consultant team

The external evaluation consultant team will be composed of approximately 3 team members (a team leader with full knowledge of UNESCO mandate and 2 members with qualifications across more than one UNESCO areas of mandate).

The external evaluation consultant team should possess the following qualifications:

  1. At least 10 – 15 years of professional experience in programme and project evaluation of relevance to policy making, to include international experiences.
  2. A strong record in leading and/or conducting evaluations.
  3. Advanced university degree in education, natural and social sciences, engineering, programme management and/or other development-related fields.
  4. Professional experience/expertise in programme management related to educational and scientific research. Some knowledge of the United Nations (UN), including previous work experience or assignments for the UN.
  5. Excellent oral communication and report writing skills in English (required).
  6. Excellent analytical skills and skills in producing succinct clear materials
  7. No previous involvement in the implementation of activities under review.

Moreover, it is desirable that the external evaluation consultant team possess the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • A previous or recent experience in evaluating projects and programmes in the UN
  • Extensive knowledge of the global/regional development arena in any of the related fields of education, culture and sciences, and/or communication.
  • Understanding and application of UN mandates in Human Rights and Gender Equality.
  • Other UN language or relevant local language skills will be considered an advantage

Verification of these qualifications will be based on the provided curriculum vitae. Moreover, references, web links or electronic copies of two or three examples of recently completed evaluation reports shall be provided together with the technical proposal. Candidates are also encouraged to submit other references such as research papers or articles that demonstrate their familiarity with the subject under review.

Attention will be paid to establishing an evaluation team that is balanced as regards gender and geographical balance (as applicable).

Closing date: 31 October 2018

The candidate should send the relevant documents to Khairol Hazlan bin Hamzah

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