Dili Antenna Office

UNESCO in Dili Office 
UN Agency House 
Rua Caicoli, Dili 
Timor Leste 
Tel:  + 670-33-22-863
Fax: + 670-33-22-864 

Key areas of UNESCO work with the Government of Timor-Leste include the following:

  1. Improve the higher degree science education curriculum: By developing and supporting knowledge‐sharing and capacity‐building programmes on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the harmonization of training curricula with other countries of the Asia Pacific region.
  2. Mapping of water resources: Enhancing the capacity of relevant Government institutions and local communities in the management of water and natural resources and contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.
  3. Mitigation of disaster risk: By developing capacity building programme for schools and communities on disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation to reduce the impacts of natural disasters to vulnerable communities, and improving the early warning system. These will be implemented with the focus on tsunami, storm, flood, landslide, and cyclone.
  4. Safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), for the Promotion of Cultural Identity and Community Resilience in Timor-Leste’.
  5. Setting up a national standards organization – UNESCO will work closely with UNIDO to setup a National Standards Organization in collaboration with the Government.
  6. Protection of Environment – UNESCO is working with the Government to setup Nino Konis Santana Pask as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Mr. Junaid Naseem
Coordinator of the Dili Antenna

Ms. Chandra Ly Da Cruz
National Project Coordinator

Ms. Flotilda Sequeira Hermenegildo Da osta
Administrative Assistant


Ms. Maria Dos Reis 
Senior Project Assistant

Mr. Rodolfo Martins

Mr. Remegio Alquitran
Consultant for Education

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