Mr. Ardito M. Kodijat
Programme Officer for Disaster Risk Reduction and Tsunami Information
Coordinator of Indian Ocean Tsunami Information Centre (IOTIC)

Ardito M. Kodijat joined UNESCO Office Jakarta in 2006. Currently he is posted as the programme officer for Disaster Risk Reduction and Tsunami Information unit (DRRTIU) of UNESCO Jakarta Office. On disaster risk reduction he has been actively involved in DRR Education focusing on School Based Disaster Preparedness Model developed by UNESCO Office Jakarta and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. He is now focusing on S&T for DRR in the Asia and The Pacific; Adaptation of VISUS (Visual Inspection for defining Safety Upgrading Strategies) methodology; and International Disaster Resilience Architecture as programme of the earth science and Geo-hazard section of UNESCO. He is currently leading the Indian Ocean Tsunami Information Centre (IOTIC) of the International Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) in coordination with the Intergovernmental Coordination Group of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation Systems (ICG/IOTWS). He works with the Indian Ocean member states (government agencies, national institutes, INGOs and civil societies) on the last mile of the tsunami early warning system. He is actively involved in building tsunami preparedness as well as Media capacity building as part of the early earning chain. He also has been involved in numbers of the workshops and trainings as facilitators for the Tsunami Emergency Response Standard Operating Procedures; Tsunami Risk Reduction policy; and Tsunami Exercises in different Indian Ocean countries.

Ms. Felicia Angelina Effendi
Assistant Programme Coordinator

Ms. Dinanti Erawati (Era)
Administrative Assistant

Mr. Ramadian Ganni Mulya (Ganni)
Graphic Designer

Ms Sella Octavia
Admin Assistant

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