Mr. Irakli Khodeli (ირაკლი ხოდელი)
Programme Specialist for Social and Human Sciences

Mr. Khodeli has been with UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Sector since 2006.

Before joining UNESCO, he worked on a wide range of policy issues including judicial reform, rule of law and financial transparency with the Council of State Governments (USA, 2002-2005) and Open Society Georgia Foundation (Georgia, 2005-2006).

At UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, he worked in the area of Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology. Since 2015, he is in charge of Social and Human Sciences Unit in Jakarta Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, working with the governments and the civil society in Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Timor-Leste, covering a range of issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals, including social inclusion, human rights, bioethics and sustainability science.

He is the holder of a BA in political science (2001) from Berea College, and a Master’s in International Relations (2003) from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, University of Kentucky.

Ainun Fadhila Kusuma Wardhani (Dhila)
Project Assistant

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Project Assistant

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Administrative Assistant

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