Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

UNESCO aims to advance gender equality and promote women’s empowerment by effectively mainstreaming gender into all of our activities. Women and men, and girls and boys need to be provided equal opportunities and chances. Women and men need to participate as equals in all of our activities, and benefit fairly from the outcomes and impacts of our interventions.

Gaps in gender equality need to be assessed and brought to public awareness. The issues of gender inequity and inequalities in education need to be tackled with a strong commitment to improve educational opportunities for this unreached and underserved group. Plans and programmes need to target and produce favorable results and consequences for the gender disadvantaged population group. Women need to be empowered through capacity development, and be given the ability to make free and informed decisions, as well as fair opportunities to access resources. Support needs to be provided to assist countries in closing existing gaps in gender equality and women’s empowerment.

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