Promoting Inclusive Education

Countries have made many strong progresses in developing and implementing inclusive education, namely in its inclusion in national policies and strategies; in development and dissemination of supportive guidelines; and in the increasing number of regular private and public schools that practice inclusive education.

An inclusive system benefits ALL learners without any discrimination towards any individual or group. Inclusiveness should be reflected in the policies, curriculum, teacher training, and capacity development support provided. Policies for inclusive education that aim to address the learning needs of all children, especially those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion (whether left out from school, or excluded within the school) need to be strengthened. More flexible rules and teacher training are needed so schools and teachers would be able to develop child-focused teaching methods and individual learning plans and assessments/evaluations for all children who may not be able to follow the centrally designed curriculum and examination. Adequate and coordinated training needs to be given to teachers, in order for them to be able to provide satisfactory education for all of their students, namely on how to make classroom practices more child-friendly, flexible, and without any discrimination towards any individual. External support needs to be mobilized to strengthen capacities of schools and teachers in implementing inclusive education practices.

UNESCO works to assist in providing a sound understanding and support for the principle of inclusion and its implications which could be applied in the school system by the national and local governments, schools and teachers. Assistance is also provided in exploring and identifying what countries could do to more proactively seek and reach out to any learner who is left behind. These endeavors aim to better promote improvement and implementation of education policies and practices on inclusive quality education.

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