Biosphere Reserves for Environmental and Economic Security (BREES)

With support from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), UNESCO has been developing the BREES Programme. BREES is a long-term regional climate change and poverty alleviation programme that works with communities, educational institutions, and government to use biosphere reserves as learning centers for environmental and human adaptability to climate change effects and to improve economic conditions for the rural poor in and near biosphere reserves. 

This regional programme has included a number of activities aimed to increase the stakeholders in understanding and dealing with environmental threats related to climate change. Examples of initiatives carried out are: Community Action Plan to address Climate Change in Cat Ba BR (Vietnam), the BREES Youth for Sustainable Development Awards in Cat Ba BR (Vietnam) and Cibodas BR (Indonesia), Training of Teachers in Cat Ba to apply UNESCO Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Future and assisting in the establishment of the MAB Timor Leste Commission.

Download the flagship (pdf 1.49MB)

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