Contributing to the integrity of Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra (TRHS) in response to the inscription on the In Danger List in 2011

Since its inscription in the World Heritage list in 2006, the three national parks (Gunung Leuser NP, Kerinci Seblat NP and Bukit Barisan Selatan NP) of TRHS have been in the spotlight for the number of threats that compromise the integrity of this site, its ecosystems and the unique species it inhabits. Despite the efforts of the Government of Indonesia to address these threats, they have increased in time and extension, leading to the inscription of TRHS in the In Danger list of World Heritage properties. This inscription has triggered joint efforst between Indonesian institutions (Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Culture and Education, Ministry of Environment, UNESCO-Indonesia National Commission, NGOs, research institutions, etc) to develop coordinated and effective measures that will, not only put this property back in the WH list, but also ensure long term conservation of this site and its outstanding universal value.

Based on the above issues, UNESCO has developed strategies and capacity of forest edge communities to secure legal rights and responsibilities to sustainably manage their customary forest state. These activities have made an important and timely contribution to wider efforts to reduce rates of deforestation and increase local capacity to sustainably manage forest in Merangin, Kerinci Seblat NP.

UNESCO is supporting the mentioned initiatives and assisting in putting them in place with projects such as: developing an Emergency Action Plan for TRHS based on the Desired States of Conservation and Corrective Measures, conducting an Strategic Environmental Assessment of road development in TRHS, ecosystem restoration and sustainable livelihoods through ecotourism development.

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