REDD + in Central Kalimantan Province

In order to contribute to the Indonesia efforts to develop a big scale and comprehensive REDD+ scheme, with the support of the Norway Government, UNESCO is developing a project to enhance livelihoods and increase community resilience to climate change through community learning centres, improved awareness and communication in the Ex-PLG area: Pusat Informasi Lestari.

Using lessons learnt from other sites in Indonesia and in the region, UNESCO aims to promote the exchange of information and increase the local communities’ resilience to climate change impact. To do so, the project will provide capacity building on sustainable practices that will reduce the incidence of extractive and unsustainable agricultural practices, while at the same time improving the local stakeholders livelihoods, with a long term vision. This project has been conceived with UNOPS and will be closely linked to the proposed UNOPS‐built community learning centre (Pusat Informasi Lestari, PIL), as a physical platform to build the capacities of local communities, as well as to share scientific and traditional knowledge about ecosystem restoration, sustainable agroforestry and climate change. The project will be defined together with the community, and combine local/traditional knowledge with scientific knowledge, provided by national and international experts to build the capacities of the local stakeholders.

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