Sustainability Science

One of Sustainability Science course sessions, with lecturers from Hokkaido University and participants from Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.

As part of the COMPETENCE (Comprehensive Programme to Enhance Technology, Engineering and Science Education in Asia) project, UNESCO Jakarta together with Center for Sustainability Science (CENSUS), Hokkaido University, Japan, delivered a new course, "Sustainability Science".

Sustainability Science course was developed by Hokkaido University and their partner universities and broadcast in January – February 2012. Sustainability Science course provided a model for sustainability education among higher educational and governmental institutions. The course covers comprehensive framework of sustainability, such as concepts, sustainable resource use (energy, water, food, materials, etc), institution, economy, social capital and human capital.

One of RIIS sessions with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Under the umbrella of COMPETENCE Programme, we also develop another e-learning activity called Research Institutes Introduction Session (RIIS). RIIS is a series of interactive e-learning sessions which will introduce Asia’s leading scientific research institutions to young people to cultivate their interest in related fields, and to graduate students and prospective postdoctorals to learn about scientific research work in Asia. This will also provide a rare opportunity for participants to ask questions directly to the institution representatives.

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