Timor Leste CONNECT-Asia

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After a year of preparation and training, the National University of Timor Leste (UNTL) was finally connected to the School on Internet (SOI) Asia Project and CONNECT-Asia (Collaboration for Network-eNabled Education, Culture, Technology and science) in 2010.

UNTL can now share knowledge with other Asian universities and education institutions by taking advantage of the distance learning platform of SOI and CONNECT-Asia Partners. UNTL can access a variety of e-learning courses and share knowledge with a large number of universities in Asia.

In addition, UNESCO Jakarta and Springer have provided UNTL students and lectures with full access to eBooks and online journals from SpringerLink, which offers fulltext access to 2,000 scholarly e-journals and 20,000+ e-books for the research community in Timor-Leste.

In October 2017, there will be  a three days workshop which in General would be consisted of two agenda: The AI3/SOI-Asia General Meeting (2,5 day) and Technical Workshop of Establishing Timor Leste National Research Education Network  (0.5 day). All activities will be conducted in English.

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