University-Industry Partnership

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Promoting University-Industry Collaboration

The importance of private sector involvement in sustainable Research and Development has long been recognized. Following up a regional workshop on University-Industry Technology Transfer in 2006, UNESCO developed new teaching and learning resources in the form of capacity building materials for technical universities to strengthen university-industry partnerships and technology management systems.

The e-learning course on "Capacity Building for University – Industry Collaboration and Technology Transfer" was developed in collaboration with the UNESCO Office, Beijing, Tokyo University, Seoul National University, National University of Singapore, Chulalongkorn University, Gadjah Mada University, Hanoi University of Technology and Beijing Jiaotong University, Croft IP. and the World Intellectual Property Organization. The course was broadcast through the e-learning programme in collaboration with SPO amd CONNECT-Asia to Asia and the Pacific.

EST is maintaining UNESCO Chair in the region under the UNISPAR (University-Industry Science Partnership) Programme, which promotes industry-sponsored UNESCO Chairs and university-industry partnerships.

• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.– Hanoi University of Technology UNESCO Chair, Vietnam
In 2010, Prof. Nguyen Si Mao completed the sixth year of MHI-HUT UNESCO Chair activities on Clean Coal Technology and Environmental Protection in three major areas: engineering education, research and development and public awareness. The MHI-HUT UNESCO chair will be extended for three more years starting in 2010.

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