Water Sciences

The Water Sciences Unit is part of UNESCO’s network of 12 regional or sub-regional (“cluster”) offices spread all over the world and is directly involved with the coordination of water resources activities in cooperation with our Headquarters in Paris and a large number of global and local partners. (find out who they are at www.unesco.org/water/ihp/partners). Our office promotes integrated water resources management in Asia and the Pacific by providing support for technical projects, cooperative research networks, capacity-building, community-based initiatives, training and non-formal education at national and regional level.

UNESCO Jakarta has been coordinating activities on water resources in Southeast Asia and the Pacific over the last thirty years in close cooperation with 17 IHP National Committees or Focal Points (Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, DPR Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Island Countries, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam), nominated and established by UNESCO Member States. The National Committees all help to ensure that IHP maintains its multidisciplinary approach and remains responsive to country needs, as their members are drawn from various sectors of society.

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