Bioethics Education Programme

UNESCO played a pioneering role in global bioethics by setting up the Bioethics Programme in 1993, establishing independent expert bodies, such as the International Bioethics Committee and COMEST, adopting unique international standard-setting instruments in the field, and building capacities of Members States to address bioethical challenges of the present and the future.

Globally, ethics education is becoming an integral part of promoting knowledge-based, sustainable, and equitable development. Science in the 21st Century will continue to change the way we live at an exponential rate. The rapidly expanding knowledge in every area of inquiry, and especially in life and biological sciences, is continuously pushing the limits of what we can do. Education is indispensable for maintaining a universal framework of ethical principles and for establishing domestic policies and practices that put to real use these universal principles.

The Ethic Teachers Training Course (ETTC) was developed by UNESCO and a group of experts from diverse cultural backgrounds to build the capacity of ethics educators on the methodology and pedagogy behind ethics teaching.

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The Bioethics Core Curriculum was developed by UNESCO as a tool for introducing and reinforcing bioethics education in universities worldwide. Its structure reflects the ethical framework of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and provides sufficient flexibility to be introduced in institutions of higher education in any country. Developed by multicultural committee of experts in ethics education, it does not impose a particular model or specific view of bioethics, but articulates ethical principles that are shared by scientific experts, policymakers and health professionals from various countries with different cultural, historical and religious backgrounds. 

For more information about Bioethics Education Programme, please contact:

Mr. Irakli Khodeli

Programme Specialist for Social and Human Sciences

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