Building Capacities of the National Bioethics Committees

National Bioethics Committees (NBCs) are critical institutions to provide guidance to policymakers, to raise public awareness and to shape the public debate on various bioethical issues in the country.

As mandated by the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (UDBHR), UNESCO works with the Members States to establish and reinforce independent, multidisciplinary and pluralist national bioethics committees that have sufficient capacity to carry out their core functions:

  • Assessing the relevant ethical, legal, scientific and social issues related to research projects involving human beings;
  • Providing advice on ethical problems in clinical settings;
  • Assessing scientific and technological development, formulating recommendations and contributing to the preparation of guidelines on issues within the scope of the UDBHR; and
  • Fostering debate, education and public awareness of, and engagement in bioethics.

For more information, please check the background paper of UNESCO’s Project on Assisting Bioethics Committees (ABC) or contact the SHS Unit at UNESCO Jakarta Office (Mr. Irakli Khodeli: i.khodeli(at)

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