14.06.2017 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

1st Seminar at the Kabul Polytechnic University on strategic planning in historical urban contexts

SUNDAY 30th April, Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU), Department of Urban Planning – The Laboratory of Social Geography (LaGes) from the University of Florence presented the methodology and contents of the Strategic Master Plan for the City of Herat. The seminar, organized by UNESCO under the National Program for Culture and Creative Economy (NPCE), was attended by a high number of University Professors and students.

Professors and students from both the Kabul Polytechnic University (Faculty of Engineering, Departments of Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Architecture) and the Kabul University (Faculty of Fine Arts and Archaeology), participated in a seminar entitled,  Preparing a Strategic Master Plan – A Case Study of Herat  City, presented by the LaGes team from the University of Florence. The seminar included a session of questions and answers, during which both Professors and students actively participated in a fruitful and stimulating discussion about the contents of the Strategic Master Plan for Herat and its current status, with specific regard to integration between the future development of the city and the protection of its prominent historical heritage.

The event was organized by the UNESCO Kabul Office, as part of the National Program for Culture and Creative Economy (NPCE). Indeed, the program’s overall goal is to prioritize culture in the country’s policies and strategies to create jobs, and improve livelihoods and exports. Active in different thematic areas, NPCE includes a specific component dedicated to the improvement of Higher Education for Culture and Creative Economy. This thematic area is aimed at enhancing the knowledge of Afghan university students in culture-oriented studies, for which the organization of seminars on different cultural topics is one of the scheduled activities.

The leading team of KPU Faculty of Engineering expressed its sincere appreciation for this successful initiative and highlighted the importance of ensuring the continuation and enlargement of future collaboration between UNESCO and the Polytechnic University. This appreciation for UNESCO initiative was also expressed by the Dean of KPU, appreciating new learning opportunities for the young Afghan generation.

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