30.05.2012 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

Celebration of the International Museum Day in Kabul

UNESCO Kabul Office and the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC), celebrated the International Museum Day (IMD), and World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development at the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul.

“I believe that the National Museum is a symbol for the positive efforts made in recent years for the reconstruction of the social, political and economic institutions in this country, and a symbol of the combined efforts of the international community and of the commitment of the Afghan people for a better future,” said Mr. Edgar Sharuk, Officer-In-Charge, UNESCO Kabul Office.

Mr. Sayed Mossadiq Khalili, the Deputy Minister of MoIC was another speaker at the ceremony who emphasized the important role of museums in upholding cultural heritage and cultural diversity and the meaningful link between the Museum Day and World Diversity Day and the simultaneous celebration of these two events together. “Museums are, indeed, a place for preserving the cultural diversity of nations around the world.”

Mr. Omar Khan Masoudi, the Director of National Museum who has dedicated most of his life working in Museums, explained that museums are very important tools in nation building and preserving national pride. “The role of UNESCO and other donors has been very crucial for us to be at the stage, where we are now,” Mr. Masoudi said. “This is the area of international community’s intervention which will definitely be remembered by the future Afghan generations by looking at the priceless historical artefacts at the National Museum of Afghanistan.”

In a recent development the National Museum has been trying to raise considerable funds for a new building adjacent to the current one which will be built in accordance with latest museum standards. A public call has been made for design of the new building. It is expected that by July 2012 the design of the new museum building will be finalised. The construction works begins only once the necessary funds are available.

UNESCO Kabul Office will continue its support for the National Museum in the development of policies and strategies to safeguard cultural heritage and establish regional museums, as well as training in documentation and preservation of cultural heritage. This is in accordance with UNESCO’s universal mission to promote inter cultural dialogue and to preserve cultural heritage for the future generations.

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