06.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

GMR National Launch in Afghanistan—Youth: The Vehicle of Transformation

@UNESCO/M.Amin Sadiqi- Mr. Paolo Fontani, UNESCO Representative to Afghanistan and Head of UNESCO Kabul Office gives his speech at the GMR national launch

For the second consecutive year, UNESCO Kabul Office and the Ministry of Education launched the Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) on 5 December 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Attendees included government officials, young people, private sector, members of civil society, UN agencies, teachers/principals and the media.

This year’s GMR focuses on youth, employment and skills—a global issue with a particular importance to Afghanistan, given that seven people out of 10 are under the age of 25.

H.E Ghulam Farooq Wardak, the Minister of Education, highlighted the Afghanistan’s achievement in the past ten years stating “though there is still gender disparity for females, as stated in GMR, we should note that about 40% of the current 9 million students attending schools are female”. He thanked UNESCO Kabul Office and the international community for their support in making the achievements made thus far as the Minister stated “without their support, we could not have been standing at where we are now in education sector”.

Anisa, a youth union representative, called for more attention for youth issues by providing them more opportunities in education and skills development hoping that “the decision-makers in Afghanistan consider youth as the vehicle of transformation in society”.

“A major portion of UNESCO’s 600,000 targeted literacy beneficiaries in Afghanistan are youth who are deprived of schooling,” said Mr. Paolo Fontani, UNESCO Representative to Afghanistan. He stressed the role of education as a basic human right for the empowerment of youth and society in Afghanistan, and UNESCO’s mission to assist the Afghan government and people in that regards.

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and Deputy Minister of Information Culture for Youth Affairs each highlighted their plans to provide more opportunities of engagement and employment for Afghan youth.

 The participation by high-level officials from all sectors indicated the  commitment by all parties in addressing the concerns of young people and the future of the country.  

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