05.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

Radio Television of Afghanistan adopts its first Editorial Guideline

Kabul, Afghanistan, 5th December, 2013 | with the support from UNESCO, RTA conducted a one day seminar, aiming to enrich the contents of editorial guideline for National Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA). Around 30 media professionals were invited to the seminar where they studied the draft guideline and exchanged ideas.

The final draft of the guideline which is inspired form noble ideas of participants, was articulated by the end of the same working day and was submitted it to the media high council for final approval.

In-order to adhere to the journalistic values of honesty, courage, diversity as well as to fulfill its core mission as public broadcaster which is to serve public interest, RTA by the help of UNESCO planned to create its first official editorial guideline.

On 26th September 2012 a professional consultant from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Indonesia was invited who had a brief session on formulating editorial guideline for public broadcasters and drafted the first guideline for RTA. Hence the aforesaid seminar was suggested in recognition of improving the contents of the drafted editorial guideline and finalizing it for utilization purposes.  

By investing on media and journalism, UNESCO aims to support and encourage freedom of speech and freedom of expression through development of policy framework, strategies and guidelines to support the government of Afghanistan.

As Afghanistan’s only national broadcasting agency, RTA is one of the leading and trusted news channel which is active in almost all provinces of Afghanistan. Today’s workshop on editorial guideline which was supported by UNESCO is a proof of its commitment and significant role in providing a suitable environment for free expression of views of citizens and RTA’s needs to strengthen its position as country’s public broadcaster.

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