21.10.2010 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

Safeguarding cultural heritage for sustainable development

The use of communication and Information

The UNESCO Office in Kabul and Ministry of Information and Culture held the first International Conference since 2003 for the Safeguarding of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage in Kabul from 18 to 20 October to highlight the important role of culture in nation building and sustainable development in Afghanistan.

Afghan Authorities, including Mr. Sayed Makhdum Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture and Mr. Sultan Husain Hesari, Minister of Urban Development and national and international experts from different agencies and universities discussed the current condition of cultural heritage in Afghanistan and spotlighted the necessary steps to be taken in the future.

Mr. Raheen highlighted the destroying effects of conflicts to the national cultural heritage of Afghanistan, “Many historical monuments suffered severe damage during the war and several of these are in critical need of immediate rehabilitation to preserve for the future and the promotion of tourism” said Mr. Raheen.

“This conference should be a turning point for the re-commitment of all stakeholders to join their efforts for the safeguarding of the Afghan cultural heritage” stated Mr. Shigeru Aoyagi, UNESCO Representative to Afghanistan.

This is the first major conference on Afghanistan’s cultural heritage since 2003 and follows the High-Level Round Table on “Culture for Development,” organized within the framework of the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which took place in New York from 20 to 22 September.

The Ministry of Information and Culture aims to promote this as a forum for dialogue on “culture for development in Afghanistan” to help set the agenda in the coming years for the integration of cultural approaches to development within existing development programs.





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