15.03.2017 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

UNESCO and the Afghan government celebrates the National Day of Cultural Heritage

12th March 2017, UNESCO Office in Afghanistan— Hosted by the H.E. Mr. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari, the Acting Minister of Information and Culture, the ceremony of the National Day of Cultural Heritage Preservation took place at the Caravanserai of Babur Garden. The H.E. Acting Minister emphasised that still a large number of Afghan historical sites remain endangered, requesting for the immediate assistance and attention from the citizens of Afghanistan to help the Ministry’s preservation of the country’s cultural heritage.

Mr. Omara Khan Masoudi, a senior cultural advisor to UNESCO, and the former director of the National Museum of Afghanistan, addressed the importance of remembering the unfortunate history of the Afghan cultural heritage of the past decades. Considering this, Mr. Masoudi noted that the National Museum and its unique collections from across the entire country are now again available for all to see and appreciate, due to the collaborative efforts of the Afghan people and cultural projects in Afghanistan. Mr. Masoudi highlighted the continued importance of advocacy towards Afghan culture and history despite any ongoing conflicts.

 In the occasion of this celebration, and as part of UNESCO’s nationwide campaign to promote tourism and cultural heritage of Afghanistan, UNESCO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Culture and the Civil Aviation Authority, announced the installation of flat screens at the Kabul Airport to present the images of Afghanistan’s most important cultural and touristic sites, old and new. Through the announcement, the Afghan Government and UNESCO reassured the continuation of their fruitful partnership for the safeguarding of the cultural heritage in Afghanistan, and of their advocacy upon the dissemination of positive images of Afghanistan through culture.

 Installation of these flat screens, with the support of the Ministry of Information and Culture and the Civil Aviation Authority, will be the first step forward to display the rich culture of Afghanistan at the airports across the country.

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