13.07.2017 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

UNESCO announces the opening of a Nation-wide Photo Competition with the theme of “Rebirth”

13 July, 2017—UNESCO Office in Afghanistan announces the launch of the 2nd nation-wide photo competition under the “2017 Kabul Photo Biennale,” and with the theme of “Rebirth.” The competition requests Afghans and non-Afghans alike to participate in finding and disseminating the true essence of Afghanistan in its “Rebirth.”

UNESCO’s 2015 nation-wide photography competition, “The Afghanistan We Are Proud Of,” triggered the revival of discourse on the positive future of Afghanistan through reflecting photographs on cultural and natural heritage. Thousands of entries were received to reveal the lights of Afghanistan, with the exhibition of selected photos travelling to Asia and Europe. For the past two years, the Government of Afghanistan and UNESCO have been encouraged to build on this success and turn the competition into a regular event.

 With high expectations and excitement to enlighten the positive dialogue of Afghanistan, the UNESCO Office in Afghanistan announces the “Kabul Photo Biennale” as a bi-annual awareness-raising campaign for Afghanistan. UNESCO, as a United Nations agency promoting “the free flow of ideas by word and image,” specifically advocates the expression of cultural diversity as the means to overcome socio-economic depression and the challenges of conflict and post-conflict regions. A shared national identity to rebuild the cities and regions will be rediscovered and valued through the process of requesting people’s participation in such campaigns. In this year’s photo competition, UNESCO invites people to explore the theme of “Rebirth,” exploring and soliciting the best, most thought-provoking images about Afghanistan.

The winners and finalists will be selected anonymously by an independent jury which comprises of internationally and nationally renowned photographers, filmmakers, artists and writers. Mr. Reza Deghati will join as the president of the jury, with Mr. Atiq Rahimi, Mr. Massoud Hussaini, Ms. Nelofer Pazira, and Ms. Sadie Quarrier serving as the jury members.

The 2017 Kabul Photography Biennale is financed by the Afghan Government through the National Programme for Culture and Creative Economy and is organized by the Afghan Government and UNESCO, partnering with TOLOnews.

Photos can be submitted into two categories: photos taken by a camera and photos taken by a mobile phone. Submission deadline is on the 13th of September 2017. For more information of submission rules of this competition, please visit,



and www.unesco.org/kabul

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