05.05.2014 - UNESCO Office in Kabul

World Press Freedom Day is when we raise the flag for freedom of expression and we stand up for the safety of journalists across the world

World Press Freedom Day highlights the importance of independent, free and pluralistic media to protecting and promoting basic rights. Journalism provides a platform for informed discussion across a wide range of development issues – from environmental challenges and scientific progress to gender equality, youth engagement and peace building. Only when journalists are at liberty to monitor, investigate and criticize policies and actions can good governance exist.

During the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day, Mr Mujib Khilwatgar, Executive Director of NAI, expressed his gratitude to journalists around the world and especially Afghanistan, and congratulated them on this special occasion. He stated that World Press Freedom Day is a good opportunity to renew our commitments and remind governments about laws on freedom of expression.

“The Afghan journalists and media proved their talent, dedication and hard work by covering the pre and post-election period reporting, covering the public campaigns of the presidential candidates for informed decision making. Afghan media proved that they are not only providing news and coverage but playing a key role in the development of this country” said UNESCO Director and Country Representative, Mr. Paolo Fontani.


Thanking all the journalists for their achievements, he reiterated that “despite the challenges in place, I am impressed by the significant strides forward that the media sector in Afghanistan has taken in the past twelve years. And I am honoured by the fact that UNESCO has always been supporting and encouraging such progress”.

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