Kabul Photo Biennale “Rebirth” | Festival in Bamiyan © Mohammad Ali Sheida

Afghanistan’s National Programme for Culture and Creative Industries  

Afghanistan’s National Program for Culture and Creative Economy (NPCE) closely adheres to the Government of Afghanistan’s National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) for 2017 – 2021, which states, in the chapter dedicated to Social Capital and Nation Building, that the country must use “its rich cultural heritage to build a national identity and sense of citizenship that rises above local enmities and perceived differences”.  The NPCE is designed to cover eight thematic areas, which highly relates to the UNESCO’s areas of action in Afghanistan, but more importantly, which closely adhere to the priorities and needs of Afghanistan.

Funding will come from various donor sources, but the seed money to launch these activities was provided by the Ministry of Finance of the Afghan Government through the National Trust Fund for Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries (A UNESCO Multi-Partner Trust Fund), also mentioned in the ANPDF, that was created, as a result, of a Government of Afghanistan – UNESCO agreement in May 2016.

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