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Protecting and Transmitting Culture and Heritage 

UNESCO Afghanistan strives to protect, promote and sustainably manage heritage in all its forms, as a repository for knowledge, driver of economic growth, vector for dialogue and reconciliation, cooperation and shared understanding and its role in promoting sustainable development. The office advocates below agendas through different projects and programmes in terms of tangible cultural heritage.

1) Safeguarding Tangible Heritage

Tangible heritage identified, protected, monitored and sustainably managed by Member States, in particular through the effective implementation of the 1972 Convention;

2) Fight Against Illicit Trafficking

Illicit import, export and transfer of cultural property combatted by Member States, in particular through the effective implementation of the 1970 Convention and the works of the ICPRRCP and the role of the museums enhanced by stakeholders implementing the UNESCO 2015 Recommendation on museums and collections;

3) Culture and Armed Conflict

Protection of cultural property improved by Member States, in particular through the wide ratification and effective implementation of the 1954 Convention and its two (1954 and 1999) Protocols; 

4) Culture Protected in Emergencies

Culture protected and cultural pluralism promoted in emergencies through better preparedness and response, in particular through the effective implementation of UNESCO’s cultural standard-setting instruments.


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