Building Inclusive Education for Afghanistan


In order to promote quality basic education for all children in Afghanistan, particularly for the most vulnerable, which were excluded from and with in the education system based on the principle of the right to education, UNESCO is focusing on two specific objectives: to better inform policy on inclusive and child friendly education; and to strengthen capacities within the Ministry of Education to create inclusive, learning friendly-environments.

UNESCO supported the MoE to conduct an Inclusive Education Needs Assessment for Afghanistan and recently the Ministry of Education with support of UNESCO developed the National Report on Education in view of the 48th session of the International Conference on Education (ICE) focusing on inclusive and child friendly education and organized by UNESCO International Bureau for Education (IBE) in November 2008.

UNESCO is bringing together a wide range of education partners to advocate on the needs for inclusive education in Afghanistan and to support the Ministry of Education in developing inclusive education policies and materials for teachers and MoE staff.

In order to rich in to a common understanding on inclusive and child friendly Education with in the Ministry of Education and  stake holders for Education UNESCO in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Inclusive and Child Friendly Education Coordination Working Group members organized a High Level Round Table and a National Conference on Inclusive Education.




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