UNESCO provided BGL and SBL Workbooks ©UNESCO/Sidiqzai

Support Curriculum Reform in Afghanistan

In July 2015 the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan approached UNESCO Kabul with a request to initiate a revision of the general education curriculum, with the objective of aligning the curriculum more closely to employment priorities and better preparation of Afghan youth for work. In partnership with UNESCO-IBE a sector-wide curriculum reform proposal and plan was prepared and endorsed in 2016.

In support of this, a series of National Curriculum Consultations were held and which resulted updating of the existing curriculum framework for general education. With seed funding through UNESCO CapED budget and additional financial support from UNICEF, the initiative is moving on and at the moment the technical UNESCO and MoE curriculum team is working on finalization of the curriculum competencies based on the new curriculum framework and will continue to development of syllabi and other teaching and learning materials. The process is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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