Capacity Development for Policy Analysis and Planning

@UNESCO/Razia Arooje

UNESCO through its International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), has been implementing the Strategic Planning and Capacity Development Project at the Ministry of Education (MoE) since late 2006. The Project aims at providing technical support and training to MoE with a focus on technical staff of the Planning Directorate in different areas related to planning of the education sector. UNESCO/IIEP’s approach to capacity development for planning, plan implementation and monitoring is multi-faceted. It includes training (in-country training courses, training scholarships), technical assistance and on-the-job mentoring of national specialists and institutional development.

This cooperation with MoE culminated in the formulation and publishing of the National Education Strategic Plan (NESP/2006-2010) in May 2007. UNESCO is supporting the MoE to implement this five year national strategic plan which focuses on the following main priorities: General education; Teacher education and working conditions; Education infrastructure rehabilitation and development; Curriculum development and learning material; Islamic education; Technical and vocational education and training; Literacy and non-formal education; Education administration reform and development.

The NESP covers the entire mandate of the Ministry of Education, and is fully articulated with the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS/2008-2013). A revision of the NESP is currently being carried out by MoE so as to align the NESP time frame with that of the ANDS.

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