Education Management Information System


In Afghanistan, the Ministry of Education, with support of different donors and development partners such as UNICEF, UNESCO and World Bank, has developed its Education Management Information System.

UNESCO in Afghanistan with close collaboration and support of UIS and UNESCO Bangkok office is working on capacity building of the Planning Department and other concerned units. In this regard several trainings has been conducted in Kabul and Bangkok for the capacity development including further understanding and effective use of educational statistics and indicators EMIS unit/ MoE.

NFE-MIS is also being developed in suitable way for consolidating to EMIS system in the future. This link with NFE-MIS needs to be clearly established to have a sustainable system covering both formal and non formal education and able to monitor and assess the achievements of the goals of the National Education Strategic Plan (NESP).

This activity will therefore focus on further strengthening the capacities in Planning Department and develop guidelines to institutionalize the collection and analysis of data with focus as well on building capacities at sub-national level.


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