Literacy for Empowerment of Afghan Police (LEAP)

The Literacy Empowerment for Afghan Police (LEAP) Project was first implemented in  June 2011 aims at the literacy training of Afghan national police to improve quality of policing in Afghanistan. LEAP I, with the financial contribution of $3,000,000 from the Government of Japan, has developed literacy training materials for   pre-service and in-service training modules to 500 police literacy facilitators in 19 provinces by 20 Master Trainers. LEAP has also been helping the Literacy Department of Ministry of Interior in long term institutional capacity building in quality police literacy.

LEAP II was launched in October 2013 with a second financial contribution of $3,000,000 from the Government of Japan. The overall objective is to deliver quality literacy training for Afghan police officers through the existing framework established during LEAP I, and further enhance the institutional capacity of the Literacy Unit of Ministry of Interior, in planning, implementation, management, and monitoring.  This capacity building process is core to the sustainability of the project, ensuring that Ministry of Interior has sufficient capacity in effectively supporting literacy training, development, publishing, and provision of supplementary literacy materials.

The supplementary literacy materials aim at sustaining the literacy skills of neo-literate police officers. Currently, LEAP is supporting the Afghan Police Literacy Program by providing Monthly Newsletters and Quarterly Magazines. LEAP has already developed 27 monthly newsletters and 8 magazines as supplementary literacy materials specifically for patrolmen/women and non-commissioned officers police officers. 

MoI existing literacy class at the General Directorate of Prison, MoI, Kabul, Photos by Fardin Waezi (UNAMA photographer)/ Facilitators trained under LEAP I and monitored by MOI LEAP Master Trainers

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