Social & Human Sciences

@UNESCO/James C. dabhi

UNESCO Kabul Office mission under the Social and Human Sciences program of UNESCO; has been supporting the establishment of the Gender Studies Institute (GSI) in Kabul University since 2006 with the overall objectives of capacity building and strengthening the GSI, as well as enhancing research-policy linkages on women's rights and gender equity in Afghanistan through policy-oriented research. This will contribute to the development of a network of gender studies experts which will lead to training of gender studies and capacity building in Afghanistan.

This activity has been a good example of inter-sectoral collaboration between ED and SHS sectors and how UNESCO can bring this comparative advantage at country level during this challenging reconstruction period for Afghanistan.


Advocacy and awareness raising on Gender Equality, women rights, via workshops, conducting research, expert groups, meetings, conferences, publications, discussion forums.

Capacity building of trainer and researchers of the newly established Gender Studies Institute through providing materials, trainings, workshops at the national and International level.


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