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Call for applications to travel to learn arts and crafts programme

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UNESCO and Fondation Culture & Diversité, a foundation established in France in 2006, call for applications for grants under the ‘Travel to learn arts and crafts’ programme, which offers students in arts and crafts the opportunity to undertake a four month study tour to France to undertake an internship in craft workshops or businesses. The programme provides logistical, financial and strategic assistance for grantees.

UNESCO and the Fondation Culture & Diversité share the belief that culture plays a key role in human development for the sustainability and preservation of the richness of cultural diversity. 

UNESCO encourages creativity through the promotion of craft trades that are unique, valuable, endangered and that are of paramount importance to craft preservation. The aim of the programme is to provide additional and complementary training in crafts to young students and to encourage them to become more involved in the preservation of craft and cultural heritage. 

The “Travel to learn arts and crafts” programme is supported by the General Inspectorate of Applied Arts of the French Ministry of Education, partner schools of applied arts and crafts,  and artisan enterprises. 

The aim of this programme is to enable arts and crafts students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a study tour abroad. It allows students from developing countries to discover the know-how of French craftspeople. 

This programme helps students launch their professional career by enabling them to:

  • work in a professional environment;
  • acquire new skills and cultural experiences abroad;
  • design and create innovative objects;
  • develop a professional network;
  • participate and present their work at international fairs.

 For more information please read the attached documents:


For any further queries please contact UNESCO Headquarters:

Pauline Blanchet


+ 33 1-45684316

Please submit your complete application before 01 December to the following address:

Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal

GPO  Box No. : 784, Kathmandu
Upama Marg, Thapathali-11
Kathmandu, Nepal
Ph No. : 977-1-4244231/4245467
Fax No. : 977-1-4222940
Email :

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