22.12.2011 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Internships at UNESCO Kathmandu: Boosting development in Nepal and building the capacity of young professionals

©UNESCO -Angelina, Goma and Roselynn

The UNESCO Office in Kathmandu offers internships to students and graduates of various disciplines such as education, social sciences, cultural studies and communication, with a focus on international development and cooperation.

Interns have the opportunity to enrich their experience, share knowledge and assist UNESCO Kathmandu in various projects. Here are some examples of recent internship experiences:

·         Roselynn Verwood from Canada completed an internship with the Education Unit and helped to organize workshops and conferences in the area of Disaster Risk Reduction in Education. 

·         Goma Sharma from Nepal was an intern with the Communication and Information Unit and helped organize a National Conference on the status of the media in Nepal and also completed a mapping of activities of Community Multimedia Centres in various regions of Nepal.

·         Angelina Robitschko, an intern from Germany working in the Education Unit, said: “I am very happy to learn about Nepal’s development topics and cultural diversity while working in the Kathmandu office.”

All interns work closely with experienced supervisors on topics related to their fields of study and interests to support the activities of UNESCO Kathmandu. This is of mutual benefit to interns as well as to the UNESCO Kathmandu Office itself. 

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