04.10.2012 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Take a stand for Nepal’s Teachers!

Only quality teachers can achieve quality education, say the repersentives of UNESCO, ILO and UNICEF in a joint statement on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day 2012, which is worldwide celebrated today, 5 October, under the motto “Take a stand for teachers!” Read the full text of the message.


Message from the Representatives of UNESCO, UNICEF and ILO in NepalOn the occasion of World Teachers’ Day 2012 “Take a stand for Teachers!” 

5 October 2012

Today, on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, we take a stand for all Nepali teachers.  They have a central role in shaping children’s lives.  They are essential for the cultural, social, economic and intellectual development of the country.  They are vital change agents in Nepal’s transformational process.

But only quality teachers can achieve quality education.  For this, there are three prerequisites:  Nepal's teachers should have adequate training. Nepal's teachers should have access to ongoing professional development. And the rights of Nepal's teachers should be protected.

Only teachers who are well trained, can provide quality education and promote the values of citizenship, peace and intercultural dialogue. Nepal has made clear progress in terms of teacher training. However not all teachers have had the opportunity to receive adequate training.  

All teachers need professional development throughout their careers, with continuous feedback between theory, practice, and research.  Life-long training, networks of learning teachers, action research, community relations, evaluation and accountability: all these are crucial factors for making teachers who can provide their students with the most productive and successful settings for learning.

The rights of   all teachers must be protected. The low status of some teachers and unequal working conditions infringe on their rights, while discouraging talented young people from joining and remaining in the teaching profession.

Investing in viable national policies and programmes for teacher training, recruitment and incentives will encourage teachers to remain in their posts and develop their professional skills.  At the same time development partners should also increase investment in well trained teachers.

Today, on World Teachers’ Day, we celebrate all Nepali teachers, especially female teachers, who serve in deprived and disadvantaged areas reaching out to the excluded, and bringing them the prospect of a better life through education. We particularly commend those who work in extremely challenging circumstances for their strong commitment to quality teaching.

In Nepal and elsewhere in the world, nothing will ever replace a good teacher. Nothing is more important than taking a stand for teachers.


Hanaa Singer

UNICEF Representative


Jose Assalino

ILO Country Director


Axel Plathe

UNESCO Representative



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