22.03.2013 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Nepal Delegation heads to Ethiopia to discuss status of literacy teachers

A three member delegation from Nepal including representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Non-formal Education Center and Ashal Chimeki Sahayog Sangh, a non-governmental organization will discuss strategies for the improvement of the status of literacy teaching personnel.in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa next week.

“Nepal has recently launched an ambitious campaign to increase the number of people who can read and write.  This is not possible without many well trained literacy facilitators” says Tap Raj Pant from the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, who accompanies the Nepali Delegation to Ethiopia.

“The Addis event very well complements the support that we are presently providing to  our government partners to enhance its capacity for reach the Education for All goals, in particular that to half the country’s illiteracy rate by 2015”, he adds.

The five-day workshop that runs from 25 to 29 March aims at documenting the status and conditions of adult literacy teachers in countries with low literacy rates and a high population of illiterates. Participants will share good practices of teacher policy and training across countries and sectors; identify key priority areas for actions; and develop country strategies for improving the status of literacy facilitators.

The Delegation from Nepal will join experts, policy makers, local stakeholders and representatives of NGOs from Asian and African least developed countries.

The workshop is organized by the UNESCO Institute for Life Long Learning (UIL), the Government of Ethiopia, dvv international, the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) and the UNESCO Liaison Office in Addis Ababa. 

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