18.06.2013 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Nepal to participate in Regional Conference on Community Learning Centres

©UNESCO/Krishna Malla -Girls from a literacy class in a Community Learning Centre in Nepal

As part of Nepal’s efforts to make better use of its many community learning centres for lifelong learning by the most vulnerable groups of society, two representatives of its Government will be in Bangkok later in the coming days to attend the Regional Conference on Community Learning Centres.

The conference, to be held from 19 to 21 June, is organized by the UNESCO Office in Bangkok and the Office of the Thailand’s Permanent Secretary for Education.  It will look at national qualifications frameworks for lifelong learning and skills development and aims at disseminating knowledge and sharing experiences on the creation of National Qualifications Frameworks (NQFs), mechanisms for promoting lifelong learning and fostering skills development through Community Learning Centers.

“In today’s changing world, it is necessary for any individual to acquire knowledge, skills and competences through various forms of learning in order to succeed and familiarise to new challenges”, says Tap Raj Pant from the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu.

Both developed and developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region have recognised lifelong learning as a key priority, especially with regard to the skills necessary for the 21st century and the vision for education in the post-2015 Education for All agenda. It is imperative for the governments to carefully examine and invest in skill development, to link training to the labor market, and to ensure that the youth have access to opportunities.

The three day regional conference will bring together 70 international participants, including those from UNESCO/UN offices, donors, private sector representatives, NGOs and ARTC network. The conference will also bring together 400 national participants from Thailand.

In Nepal, UNESCO together with the Non-Formal Education Centre presently implements the project "Building Capacities for Strengthening Literacy and Lifelong Learning in Nepal"  within the framework of UNESCO’s initiative “Capacity Development for Education for All (CapEFA)”. The project aims at strengthening capacities of Government of Nepal in building effective information base and effective system to efficiently plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate non-formal education, literacy, and lifelong learning programmes at local, district and the central level. 

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