14.01.2014 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

New project to improve national reporting system

A mission from UNESCO Institute for Statistics Montreal and New Delhi is currently in Nepal to start a new project in improving the national reporting systems on education financing flows.

The project is a unique collaborative initiative of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), the UNESCO Pôle de Dakar, and the UNESCO Institute for International Education Planning (IIEP). It will  provide technical support to improve the collection, processing and analysis of education financing data for national planning as well as reporting of statistics at the international level. 

It is noticeable that the importance of comprehensive and comparable education finance data has grown alongside national demands related to better education planning, management and resource mobilization. 

The project is funded by the Global Partnership for Education’s Global and Regional Activities programme (GPE-GRA), and will help participating partner countries develop better education sector monitoring and planning processes. 

National Education Account (NEA) is a thorough education financing mapping exercises covering the different sources of funding (government, private, and donors), where it goes (to education providers, regions, etc.) and what it is being spent on (salaries, other current expenditure such as teaching materials, infrastructure). A NEA would provide the Ministry and other actors involved in education planning and monitoring with a complete portrait of financing flows within the sector. Full technical support would be provided throughout the process by the UIS and the IIEP, who already have experience implementing such projects in other countries. 

After receiving a formal conformation to participate in the project from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and forming a Country Technical Team, a mission from UIS Montreal and New Delhi and IIEP is in the country to start the project working with the Country Technical Team and discussing with other stakeholders. The team that arrived on Monday will stay here until 16th January. The Country Technical Team consists of three officials from the MOE, planning, budget and finance sections, one from the Ministry of Finance and one from the Central Bureau of Statistics. 

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