01.03.2014 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Options for effective delivery of education in future federal Nepal

© UNESCO -Anton De Grauwe, a consultant from the IIEP, sharing the findings during the mission to Nepal

A mission from the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) to Nepal from 19 to 24 February 2014 has identified the key areas and developed different options that could be suitable for effective delivery of education service in a future federal state.

The consultants from the visiting mission prepared a paper outlining strategies for the preparation of models and options of education delivery in a future federal Nepal including key actors to be involved, aspects to be covered and the timelines.

During the mission the consultants met with senior Ministry of Education officials including secretary and joint secretary, director general of Department of Education, joint secretary of Ministry of Finance, director of Curriculum Development Center, member secretary of University Grant Commission and other key stakeholders in the education sector.

In their paper, the consultants identified key questions that need to be addressed in the area of financing education, teacher management and policy making and strategic planning in a future federal Nepal. One of their findings concluded that there is no clear consensus on distribution of responsibilities by level.

The mission was conducted as part of the UNESCO/UNPFN project “Planning Effective Delivery of Education in a Future Federal State”. Based on the findings and the issues identified by the report, the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu will organize broad consultations with different stakeholders in order to address those questions and raise consensus on the different models and options for the effective delivery of education in future federal Nepal.

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