18.04.2014 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Senior M0E Officials off to Malaysia to observe education system in federal context

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What can be the roles and responsibilities of different tires of government and what are the different aspects within an education system that needs to be properly addressed while reforming the education system in a federal structure? These will be the main issues that a team of senior Ministry of Education (MoE) officials will try learning and understanding during an exposure visit to Malaysia organized by UNESCO Office in Kathmandu from 13-19 April 2014.

Through the visit, the senior MoE officials will have a first hand opportunity to understand the existing education system in Malaysia and to acquaint themselves with the roles and responsibilities of the central, provincial and local level in regards to education service delivery at different tiers of government.

The visiting team will be closely studying different aspects such as financing in education, curriculum development, teacher management and development, education sector management and governance, compulsory basic education and other promising practices that could serve as a reference on planning effective delivery of education services in a future federal state of Nepal.

“The observations and the recommendations presented by the visiting team will serve as one of the key guiding tools for the MoE while planning effective service delivery of education in a future federal state,” said Tap Raj Pant, National Programme Officer of Education Unit in the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu during a briefing session organized at UNESCO Office on 10 April 2014. The team involves joint-secretaries, under-secretary, district education officers and officers at different institutions within the MoE and Ministry of Finance including the project coordinator of UNESCO/UNPFN project “planning effective delivery of education in a future federal state”.<a name="_GoBack"></a>

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