02.10.2012 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

Take a stand for teachers

As the profession of teachers is losing status in many parts of the world, the celebration of World Teachers’ Day in Nepal on 5 October provides the framework for a variety of activities to call attention to the need to raise the status of Nepal’s teachers.

“Take a stand for teachers!” is the slogan of this year’s celebration of  the Day which UNESCO is observing along with its partners, the International Labour Organization, UNDP, UNICEF and Education International (EI).

"Teachers… ultimately determine our collective ability to innovate, to invent, and to find solutions for tomorrow. Nothing will ever replace a good teacher. Nothing is more important than supporting them.” says UNESCO Director Genera Irina Bokova in her message related to the day.

In Nepal, UNESCO will join the National Centre for Educational  Development by providing support to a radio show  with teachers, educationists, parents and government officials on “Take a stand for teachers with improved teacher management and professional development”, which will be broadcast through Radio Nepal and other FM radio stations.on 6, 7 and 8 October 2012.

In addition, the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu jointly with the Teachers’ Union of Nepal, Education Journalists’ Group and the Ministry of Education will organize a round table discussion on issues related to the situation of teachers in Nepal, in particular teacher policy, teacher trainings and maintaining standards for teaching. 

UNESCO will also partner with the “Ajako Sikcha” weekly to publish a special Teachers’ Day edition that will include stories and information provided by teachers in honour of their work, interviews of teachers and experts, facts and figures about the teacher situation in Nepal, expert views, and the joint message form UN agencies.

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